Static internet archive
The SIA, static internet archive is an 100% without exceptions archive for public viewable material.
SIA usage is for art and publications in any case and wise.
The default justical solution is the international laws and rules.
The systematic: SIA is an service provider nothing else/more in the business/archiving.
The funtion is to bring up 100% viewable in the public archive for
all art and publications material.
The SIA is static and lifelong providing all material unremoveable.
Protected by international laws for both business partners.
The SIA is to reward for 100% outlay plus staggered depending on the
and/or earnings/revenue catalog which is to be created.
Hence that it is an archive so no employee/contractor contract is possible.
The default/standard is the copyright for the original by the user
and the duplicate with/at SIA for (example) Of course,
SIA cant break the original copyrighted work, the copyright.
The SIA content is complete download-able and CC BY-NC licensed or other given.
Non-functions breaking advertisements is possible and rightly.
Client software is allowed by the advertisement rules.
The right method to manage the users is a complete self-organizing
partner with the permission to all needed features of the SIA.
The optimal addon/setting is a own (opt. sub-serviced) search/find network,
an discussions network.