Open non-profit index for solutions in control yourself/family, business, organize and more as all-in-one solution.

Portal for Question - Answer - Solution + workplace with the most popular, most important and future-oriented
templates in the possible future private area of CEY with an touch absolutely necessary administration in the 21st century,
from the point of view of

Guide and long-term development branch:
Currently facts/data/etc should be bundled and made available in a helpful manner in order to create a private area and to work through and do one's work (matters to be organized).
The guideline for the use and expansion of the index can only be from Global/Universal creation of facts with at least the relevant information and completeness of this and the aforementioned further development of the software or new software.
The goal can only be to completely cover all organizational aspects of business, politics, organization, health care, personal, family, entrepreneurial, etc. in compact and directly applicable information equipment and direct use with a private account for you, your family, your employee, etc. in which you can work off your work.
Logical systematically human facts on the (unknown) questions, answers, solutions in human credible way(s) with preferred optional artificial intelligence leveled edits."
The CODE_OF_CONDUCT can only be without any exception, like:
Science and its clarification that everything else is to be assessed as irrelevant and superfluoused, e.g. comparisons that are close to people/*systems/etc and that would and cannot make any sense through personal attributes alone. Thus, science, its clarification and pupilizations is the only meaningful comparison, only that it is not relevant and meaningful in many areas (apple and pear opinion(s)), without any exception.
A very likely comparison would e.g. represent: If I compare apples and pears in terms of sweetness, I only notice that, from a scientific and objective point of view, we are dealing with different tree plants, on different trees with different sweeteners/chemical differents, appearance
and opinions on them, so the comparison is approximately ~ both possibly sweet, different, but something related and valuable for humans etc.
Founder opinion is: Its an unchangeable fruther development object project long on international/universal level.
Open indexing workplace documents containing system regulated by international rules and laws and generates finances with user data, a business-partners program and optional and possible non-function breaking advertisements.
All publications with/in and from CEY are then in the operator's business system, without exception. So, part of the company and its respective license as a service.
Default license is the CC BY-NC 4.0 automatically or given another compatible. * Inhuman, critical and criminal activities result in a temp. or lifelong exclusion.
Members have to eventually deposit a duplicate of the own personal id card and actual real personal data for official rightness.
An company long storage of all the official documents, logs and more is planned for justical and political rightness and future security.
There is in future a business-partners program with contracted payments to include CEY directly into the own business by net-profit monthly 3,0% of directly saved capital by invariable usage.
All users/official are pointed out in this moment, that any material and license which according to international rules and laws as legally and legally accepted can be offered here, thus no way out of international rules and laws without exception. * Material for which an age restriction is required must be publicly circumscribed in accordance with the open format.
Please take absolute care of your rights and your copyrights by all possibilities that are currently available and will be available in the future.
For protection there is absolutely no warranty and possibility to make liable for damages caused by human, technological and personal failures by int. rules and laws.